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Colour Consultation: Creating Harmony And Balance Through Cohesive Colour Usage

Colour cohesion plays an integral role in the overall look of your home. Each colour comes in different shades and many homeowners don’t realise the importance of balancing these shades for successful home décor aesthetics.

Whether you are looking at building a harmonious colour scheme from scratch or correcting an existing colour scheme in your home, Natural Colour Painting And Decorating can help you achieve a well-rounded palette that reflects your personal style.

We service The Forest District, Central Coast and surrounding areas with our expert colour consultancy services. 

Feel free to contact us should you want more information about our professional, affordable colour consultation services. 

Our Process

  1. Once you’ve booked an appointment with us, we’ll provide you with a questionnaire so that we can find out more about your décor project and assess the existing colours you have in your home.
  2. When your appointment takes place, one of our colour experts will visit your home, assess the spaces you want to achieve harmony and balance through colour, and chat with you about your personal décor style.
  3. Our consultant will go through a few possible colour schemes and palettes with you to help find a look that will be an ideal fit for your home.
  4. There will be a follow-up after your appointment where you will be sent the specifications of how your colour scheme can be incorporated into your home.
  5. You can opt to use our painting and finishing services to achieve your desired colour scheme. 

Commercial Colour Consultations

Commercial colour consultations are slightly different from residential consults, as commercial colour consults need to factor in the impression you want to give to potential clientele. Creating a professional atmosphere is important in commercial spaces while residential colour schemes are all about you and your personal colour preferences.

We provide commercial colour consultations for offices, restaurants, retail spaces and body corporate buildings. 

Looking for cohesive and creative colour consultation services on the North Shore?

Look no further than Natural Colour Painting And Decorating. Feel free to get in touch with us to book a colour consultation today. We’re just a call or email away! 

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